0.5 mm Derma Roller Results

Have you wanted to try and know more about 0.5 mm derma roller results before and after but still undecided and are looking to get more information?

Derma rolling is one of the best home treatments that are inexpensive and effective to help get your youthful, healthy-looking skin back.

There are many uses of derma roller 0.5 derma roller microneedles in resolving skin problems and rejuvenating tired or dull skin.

What is a Derma Rolling?

Also called as Microneedling, it uses a derma roller with hundreds or thousands of microneedles to increase the production of new collagen in the targeted areas where you roll it.

It creates tiny wounds onto your skin which then signals the body to begin the healing process and produce more new collagen. 

Derma rollers have different microneedle sizes ranging from 0.2mm-2.0mm. In this article, you will learn how to resolve your skin problems with a 0.5 mm derma roller results fast.

Picture of derma rollers 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm  (Rejuviss 5-in-1 Derma Roller Set)


What is a Derma Roller 0.5mm Microneedle?

Derma Roller 0.5mm microneedle is the highly advisable size for beginners.

It is safe to use for almost all skin problems.

This size is good for the face, neck, and for body parts with thinner skin.

You can use this even in the delicate areas like the upper eyelids, lips and brows.

What Skin Problems can Derma Roller 0.5mm Treat?

  • Shallow Acne Scars – the aftermath of your pimples and acne
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles– the little; shallow creases that you see on your skin are called fine lines while the wrinkles are the deeper ones.
  • Hyperpigmentation– refers to any darkening of the skin caused by acne breakouts, skin rashes, or sun burn.
  • Skin Discoloration– the skin patches on your skin caused by many factors but the most common is melasma or freckles
  • Age Spots– also called as liver spots, are small flat brown, grey or dark areas in your skin caused by too much sun exposure
  • Crow’s Feet– these are the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Loose/Sagging Skin– this happens when your diet or lifestyle is becoming unhealthy. You get premature aging when you have too much sun exposure without protection, or taking cigarettes. You lose the firmness in your skin as you age because your facial bone shrinks and there is fat loss in some parts of your body.
  • Hair Loss– thinning of the hair, receding hairline, or losing hair in big parts and getting bald
  • Stretch Marks– very common result of skin after pregnancy or skin that has been pulled by rapid growth looking like stripes which are either long or narrow
  • Cellulites– subcutaneous fat that causes the skin to have a dimpled and lumpy appearance

How to Use Derma Roller 0.5mm ?

Following the proper technique of derma rolling can give you a desirable result when using a 0.5 microneedle.

The key to having fast result is by going through all the instructions, carefully following them, and committing you to do it every week.

If you want to see the changes to your skin after a few sessions (or even after your first session), kindly learn and follow these steps:

Step #1. Clean & Disinfect Derma Rollers. 
From now on, keep a regular stock of 70%-99% rubbing or Isopropyl. You MUST disinfect your derma rollers by soaking them into the alcohol for about 5 to 10 minutes. Check if there are rusts on the micro needles. If you have been using them for a long time, please throw it away and get a new one to avoid infection.

Step #2. Cleanse Your Face and/or Body. 
Before you derma roll, cleanse your face to remove residues, dirt and makeup that can irritate the skin when the micro needles get in contact with your skin. Make sure you don’t have any active breakouts. Avoid scrubbing your skin or irritating it with exfoliants to avoid allergic reactions when derma rolling.

Step #3. Dermaroll Section by Section. 
If you are going to derma roll your whole face, divide the area into small sections of about a quarter of your palm size.

It is always recommended to derma roll section by section to fully cover the desired area to be treated. For each section, complete derma rolling in 4 different directions before you go to another section.

Here’s how the diagram below works- derma roll up and down 4 times, then lift the roller an do left and right 4 times, lift again followed by diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times.

Do the same steps as you go to another direction using the same pressure. Please roll with caution.

Picture of how to derma roll with 4 Directions Technique

Step #4. Do not wash your face right away. 
After derma rolling, you must put a serum or moisturizer to calm and relax your face. If you have a dry or sensitive skin, it is highly suggested to refrain from using toners and cream with peeling effects after the treatment.

The other additional benefit of dermarolling is that it can help to boost the absorption of skincare products up to 3000% more therefore it is highly recommended to apply a serum or moisturizer within the first 15 minutes after dermarolling.

Step #5. Clean & store your derma roller. 
Clean your derma roller 0.5mm by pouring on an alcohol again, and then leave it to air dry in its original container for at least 1 hour before you close the storage container.

Do not leave it on your sinks or dresser to avoid germs or bacteria from getting into the micro needles and the roller head.

Picture of how to clean derma roller - Rejuviss disinfection container

0.5 mm Derma Roller How Often?

Derma Roller 0.5mm can be used once a week.

It is important to keep a regular schedule if you want to see visible results in little time. We recommend you to derma roll once a week on the same day of each week for best results.

It is also recommended to derma roll at night just before you sleep so that your skin can have 6 – 8 hours of undisturbed period to heal and rejuvenate.

For first time users, you can start with once every 2 weeks with day breaks of at least 14 days after each treatment.

Picture of Rejuviss  5-in-1 Derma Roller Kit

Why does the Rejuviss 5-in-1 Derma Roller Kit comes with 4 different derma roller heads? (photo above)

The reason is that different parts of our face and body requires different derma roller size and needle for the best results. Click here to learn more about this 5-in-1 Derma Roller Set.

Tips and Precautions When using Derma Roller 0.5mm

  • Derma rollers need to be replaced to maintain its sharpness.
    The microneedles in derma rollers will get worn out over time and in order to ensure that your microneedles are sharp every time you derma roll, it is recommended to replace it after using them for about 4 – 6 times.

    If for some reason you see that some needles are broken or bent, immediately dispose it. You can get an infection or bring damage to your skin if the derma roller is not in good condition or defective.
  • Get a high quality derma roller. 
    There are plenty of derma rollers out in the market and some are even selling as little as below $10 USD. If you want to effectively treat your skin troubles, then it is important to invest in a quality set of derma roller.  
  • A numbing cream is optional when using a 0.5mm derma roller. The pain level for 0.5 mm derma rollers are quite minimal and most people do not require any numbing cream.
  • Always use a sunscreen if you are going out shortly after derma rolling. Exposure to the sun may increase your skin’s sensitivity and slow down the healing of your skin.

    It is recommended to derma roll at night just before you sleep so that you allow ample time for your skin to rest after derma rolling.
  • Cleanliness is a MUST when derma rolling. Sanitize your derma rollers before and after use. Cleanse your face/body before using it. Keep it in a clean container and in place unreachable by children.

Benefits of Using Derma Roller 0.5mm

As mentioned above, multiple skin problems can be treated at home with your 0.5mm roller.

Another great benefit of using derma roller – it boosts absorption of skin products within 15 – 30 minutes after derma rolling.

The creams or serums that you apply can deeply penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, making it more potent and effective.

As a result, when paired with derma rolling, your skin will get quicker healing and you will notice that it becomes more soft, bright, and revived.

Below are some of the best products to use with derma roller:

  • Vitamin C – It is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production so you’ll get brighter and firmer skin.

    It also aids to hasten the healing process when the skin is wounded.

    Just use enough amounts to cover the whole face area and do not double the quantity to avoid over-redness and irritation that would trigger painful peeling.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- It is called the “moisture-binding ingredient” that lubricates the skin.

    This powerful essence provides hydration up to the deep skin layers. Your skin can be softer and moisturized since it locks up the water that is important in keeping your skin healthy 24 hours.

    This is perfect for those with itchy and dry skin. You’ll be surprised to see how your skin looks- plumped and with silky smooth finish.
  • Retinol creams and moisturizer-
    Retinol stimulates blood flow and collagen production so you’ll get tighter pores.

    It also improves the texture of the scars by making it softer and less visible.

    If you are prone to pimples, it will help with everything from acne to dark spots.
  • Sunscreen protection- After treatment, your skin will be sensitive to sunlight and can get burned if you stay long under the sun.

    A very good sunscreen will not only protect it from the harmful rays but will also keep you from getting darks spots or hyperpigmentation.

    Get the ones with the highest SPF and apply as needed for maximum protection.

Comparison Between Other Derma Roller Sizes

There are different sizes of derma roller microneedles such as 0.2mm, 0.75mm1.0mm1.5mm2.0 mm (or as high as 3.0mm but they are not advisable for home use).

You may have heard that the longer the microneedles, the more it is effective. That is NOT always the case.

Derma rollers with microneedle size of 0.75mm to 1.5mm should be used once a week (depending on your skin’s sensitivity) and anything higher than 1.5mm should only be administered by a dermatologist or trained aestheticians.

The good thing about using a derma roller 0.5mm microneedle is its effectiveness to address skin problems with faster results and it is safe to use at home.

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